Users feed

The user's feed contains information about users. The feed is used for web personalizer, e-mail marketing, retargeting, and any other part of the app.

Feed parameters

GET parameters from,to

Timestamps. Only data, which were created or modified during this period should be returned.

GET parameters limit, offset

Limit sets how many records should be returned. Offset sets where to start.

Example call which is performed by owlcure app

Example of users feed

Default Owlcure User feed provides information as an XML file.

Tag description

USER_ID (String or Integer, Required)

User identifier. Must be unique for each user in the feed.

NAME (String)

The first name and the last name of the user.

BIRTH_DATE (Date, Required)

The birthdate of the user. In format YYYY-MM-DD.

SEX (F | M)

The sex of the user.

EMAIL (String email)

The email address of the user.

GROUPS (Array)

List of groups where the user will be assigned. If you are using Owlcure Mailing, you should set up a group of users who accepts marketing e-mails.


The date when the user was created.


The date of last user information update.