Products feed

The product's feed contains information about products. It is the base for using the Owlcure App. The feed is used for web personalizer, e-mail marketing, retargeting, and any other part of the app.

We use a similar format like other apps. If you currently have a different product feed, feel free to contact us and discuss options.

Example of product feed

Default Owlcure Product feed provides information as an XML file.

Tag description

ITEM_ID (String or Integer, Required)

Product identifier. Must be unique for each product in the feed.

PRODUCTNAME (String, Required)

Product name which is used in product listing blocks.

CATEGORYTEXT (String, Required)

Complete category path to product. Each level must be separated by the character "|". You can add multiple category paths.


The product description is an optional parameter. You should provide it if it is used in your product listing template.


Manufacturer or brand of the product.

URL (String URL, Required)

The product's detail page URL of given product.

IMGURL (String URL, Required)

The link with the main product image, which is used in product listing blocks.


The link with alternative product image.

PRICE (Float, Required)

The current price of the product.


The price before the sale if the product is discounted.

RATING (Float)

Average rating of the product. Generally, the number from 0 to 5.


The number of people who rates product.


Current quantity of product in inventory. It is essential for web personalization blocks.

ITEMGROUP_ID (String or Integer)

If you have several variants of the same product, you can join them by ITEMGROUP_ID.


The name of ITEMGROUP joined by ITEMGROUP_ID.

PARAM (Object)

For additional parameters like size, web labels, etc. You have to specify PARAM_NAME and VAL. In the below example, you can see two size parameters (L, XL) and web label 'Best sell'. You can also specify VAL_ID for given VAL, if you want to use it for real-time filtering measurement.


The date of last product information update. It is important if you have a large number of items in the feed.