Orders feed

The order's feed contains information about users. The feed is used for web personalizer, e-mail marketing, retargeting, and any other part of the app.

Feed parameters

GET parameters from,to

Timestamps. Only data, which were created or modified during this period should be returned.

GET parameters limit, offset

Limit sets how many records should be returned. Offset sets where to start.

Example call which is performed by owlcure app


Example of orders feed

Default Owlcure Orders feed provides information as an XML file.

Tag description

ORDER_ID (String or Integer, Required)

The order identifier. Must be unique for each order in the feed.

USER_ID (String or Integer, Required)

The identifier of the user. It must be the same as in the user's feed.

ITEMS (Array, Required)

The list of ordered items.

ITEM_ID (String or Integer, Required)

The identifier of the item. It must be the same as in the product's feed.

QUANTITY (Integer, Required)

Quantity of ordered item.


The date when the order was finished.