Carts are an essential part of Owlcure Analytics. A web personalizer can add content to add to cart popup like cross-sell suggestions based on these events. Owlcure E-mailing can send Abandoned cart campaigns.

Cart events

Owlcure Analytics supports several events for cart live tracking. All actions should be called through javascript right after a click on buttons.

Add to cart

owlFly('cart:add',   {     item_id: 55,     quantity: 5   });

Remove from cart

owlFly('cart:remove',   {     item_id: 55   });

Change quantity

owlFly('cart:changeqty',   {     item_id: 55,     quantity: 3   });

Clear cart


Cart remote creation

For letting the Owlcure system add items into customers' cart, the best way is to create a GET parameter cart, which is doing so.

The link above should add two items with id 2112 and three items with id 1523 to cart.